How To Style Your Utility Jacket


Have you ever wondered which is the right way to take advantage of your utility jacket?

Usually, that kind of outwear comes colored in green or khaki. Sometimes you can find burgundy or navy ones as well.

However, the all-time favorite is a camouflage green tone. 

So, there are two ways to rock out your utility jacket. 

The first one is to leave the jacket as the spotlight of your whole outfit ⭐️.

Spotlight Jacket

To achieve this you need to wear a single color tee. For example, a black, white, navy, burgundy or gray tee. 

My jacket is from Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour merchandise 🐍.

You must imagine how obsessed and in love I am with it.

It’s ideal for both cold and humid places because it does cover you from the cold but doesn’t make you feel hot (but empowered).

Now, the other way is to match a flashy shirt with your jacket.

Flashy Shirt + Jacket

In order to make that happen, you need to pick carefully your shirt, because you don’t want to look like a clown 🤡.

For this scenario, I chose a green and white squares-long sleeve shirt. 

That was my Christmas Eve outfit and of course, the T-Swift jacket was one of my gifts.

You can either wear a top that matches in some way the color of the utility jacket or you can be edgier and blend visually to different colors. 

For example, a blue camo tee with a green/khaki jacket; a red and white/gray stripes tee with a green/khaki jacket… And more combinations!

You’ll know that this match will be possible when your eyes will tell you so. 


To conclude, after reading this post, are you ready to style your utility jacket?

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