Makeup for MEN — Daily Routine

For a very long time, makeup was meant to be used by women, but nowadays, men can use it too.

However, the point behind male makeup routines is to remain low-key, to “stay invisible” to the human eye.

And yes, that goal comes along with the premise of makeup itself, which is to hide imperfections, for example, pimples and other acne and skin issues.

Why do I use makeup?

In this video, I explain that I have combination skin, which makes my face shine bright like a diamond -literally.-

Therefore I decided to use makeup, controlling the oily-face beast that lives within me.

So, I have for you today three simple steps you need to follow to have that nice and matte finish to your face.

Regenerative Cream

I like to see my face not only plumped but upright and young. That’s why I apply a very small portion of Lancôme Rénergie Lift Volumetry.


Then I apply my Shiseido Stick Foundation so I can start hiding stuff in my face. By applying any foundation you’re halfway there!

Translucent Powder

Finally, I finish my makeup routine with some translucent powder from Physicians Formula to give that matte look and avoid that shiny-oily face I tbh don’t like.


Now that I shared my makeup routine with you, do you have one you would like to share with me? Do you even use makeup? Share your thoughts below!

Men have insecurities, and how they look in the mirror can be one.

Makeup doesn’t have a gender, it’s for anybody that wants to look bolder.

Me, hehe.

In my IGTV you will find a video where I show you with three simple steps how I do daily makeup.

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